Product Line
EZ Mail Form

Mail Form is a mechanism to share and capture structured information over e-mail. Form is a graphical user interface for the structure information. It has three modules -
  • Mail Form Designer – One can design a form by specifying parameters only. No traditional programming is required.
  • Mail Form Application – One may send and receive data using published forms.
  • Mail Form Analysis – Form data are available in eXist XML database and in a RDBMS (default is MySQL) database to support analytical and integration need.

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EZ Test Manager

A SOAP Web Services testing tool. Features include but not limited to -
  • Test case creation
  • Input data management
  • Execution of Test cases
  • Expected Result Management
  • Creating reports with test results

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Hotel Management System

A management software for the Hotel/Motel Front Desk activities that include reservation, check-in, check-out, billing, payment and many more options... We customize the Hotel Management Software to match your business need.

EZ SQL Editor

It's a web environment to write and execute SQL on any database. The database connection can be obtained from any J2EE application servers (weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, ...), or via ODBC and JDBC drivers. It also provides the database help, metadata and object information.

EZ Report Builder

The EZ Report builder is an extension of EZ-SQL editor to build the Ad-hoc reports. The report can be generated as pdf, html and Microsoft XL file.


An astrology software to help you understand the prediction of your personality, career, finance, love, inner dream, soul urge from the planetary effects. The astrology is a desktop based standalone software and you can create and maintain as many horoscope as you want.

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Standalone Doctor's Diary
Doctors may maintain their daily practice information in their personal computer with this software. Addition to patient's profile, symptoms, diagnosis, medicine, surgery information, doctor can prepare specific cases to do their own research. Maintaining history of Patient's information is very helpful for diagnosis and every information is promptly available for returning patients.

Service Line
Creating Architecture

Induscf has expertise on creating the following type of   architectures:
  • Enterprise Architecture - TOGAF, ZACHMAN Framework
  • Business Architecture - Process Modelling
  • Information/Data Architecture - Warehouse, Modeling,
    Metadata Management, Service ...
  • Application Architecture - J2EE, SOA, Rule-based,
    Event-based and XRX architecture
  • Technical Architecture - Scalability/Capacity Planning,
    Load Balancing, High Availability, Disaster Recovery planning
  • Security Architecture - Software Security, Protocol Security,
    Data Security
  • Integration Architecture - EAI based integration,
    ESB based integration, Web Service integration, Data integration, and Proces Integration

    Designing & Developing Software

    Strong experience on the following key areas:
  • Large volume of data handing with parallel processing
  • SOA(WS), Event-based, rule-based, J2EE (WebLogic, Websphere, JBoss) and .Net applications
  • Web, Rich GUI and Process-based Application
  • ETL application
  • BI Application

  • Skilled People

  • Management Consultants
  • Business Consultants
  • Technology Consultants