EZ Test Manager

A SOAP and REST web services testing tool for Next Generation uses AXIS 2.0 to implement web service client, WS Security, WS Addressing, WS Reliable Messaging, Mime attachment, SWA...
Apart from web service testing capabilities, it provides a rich text UI for capturing data input; data input can be prepared in a CSV file as well and it can be reused with multiple run of a test case and across the multiple test cases as well. Response can be captured in a file; it can be validated against expected results. It generates reports on validation results, which can be stored into a PDF file and it can be used to communicate developers.


  • URL Testing
    • Verifies the Web-Services are up and running and
    • Servers are up and running
    • Saves URL Testing Test Cases and Results
  • Web-Service Testing
    • Create, modify, execute test cases
    • Prepare and reuse test input data
    • Validate test results against expected outcomes
    • Preparing reports with test results